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GRP lining is a significant application in the fiberglass industry, it has diverse applications including corrosion resistance, structural strengthening and waterproofing. It can be found in most if not a water storage tanks, sewerage tanks, chemical storage tanks, tank roof lining, manholes, sewerage sump pits, cooling towers, chemical plants, firefighting networks, pipeline networks, water transmission pipelines, etc. Special grade resins are used to attain various properties which allow GRP lining to withstand resistance to fungi & algae, strong acids, chemicals and temperature. It is an effective alternate to component replacement. GRP lining will completely and seamlessly seal the cracks, leaks, corrosion and flaking materials. It offers a new life to damaged providing a long term, secure environment at a fraction of the cost of a total rebuild.

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Swimming pool waterproofing is the protective barrier used to prevent leakage in, out and around a pool, spa, or any water-holding structure. Without proper waterproofing techniques, the pool is at risk of premature deterioration and can lead to serious problems such as mold or mildew buildup. Leakage that occurs around the swimming pool is a common occurrence, especially with above-ground pools as compared to an inground pool but should be addressed to prevent water damage and other issues. Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating withstanding high positive and negative hydrostatic pressures, having excellent crack accommodation before and after immersion and is suitable for Swimming pools, Cementitious coatings come in two parts that are thoroughly mixed to give a solid and durable waterproof layer.

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Our Process

Process steps

Choice roof insulation’s policy is to fulfill the customer requirements by completing the project in time by considering high quality and for that we follow proper procedure and process


It is important to collect and study all the requirements for the project before the proposal to know the suitable solution and materials


By studying customers requirements and specifications we will propose most suitable solutions by considering quality and cost


Application will be done by our highly skilled technicians and helpers under the supervision of engineer by using approved materials


We are responsible to complete the project and handover in time to full fill our customer requirements